Obsidian Essence – Fulfilment, Experience, Feelings, and the Body.


Freedom and fulfilment are the polarities for us of realization. Fulfilment is in the domain of form. It is in the body that we sense and feel experience.

Incarnate life is an invitation for a marriage between consciousness and form to take place. It is just like a marriage between two people, an invitation to two strangers to get to know and love each other.

Fulfilment is the perfection in lived experience of the body's contribution to the marriage.

We are each unique, carrying a seed that may flower and contribute to life in a way that no one else has contributed or will contribute.

This workshop will take place at Dharma Corfu on Wednesday May 31st. Practical details here.


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“And if you can become that which you are already, only then there is fulfilment. You can become somebody else, but there will be no fulfilment. You can become a Rockefeller, a Ford, you can become anything; but when you have achieved it you will simply come to realize that this was not your destiny. You have achieved somebody else’s destiny – how can it fulfil you? Your destiny may have been a small one, a simple one – that you were going to become a flute player. Now you have become President Ford of America. Now what to do with this? The whole life wasted.” Osho, Tao: The Three Treasures, Volume 4, chapter 1