Obsidian Essence – Freedom, Awakening, Intelligence, and Mind.


Freedom and fulfilment are the polarities for us of realization. Freedom is in the domain of consciousness.

Incarnate life is an invitation for a marriage between consciousness and form to take place. It is just like a marriage between two people, an invitation to two strangers to get to know and love each other.

Freedom is the perfection in lived experience of seeing with awake intelligence, free of the filter of mind.

Awakening happens only when consciousness permeates the body and is freed from the daily business of managing the consequences of conditioning.

This workshop will take place at Dharma Corfu on Thursday June 1st. Practical details here.


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And then suddenly one day you find that something which was fast asleep within you is awakening; a new energy is coming up in you – a distance from the mind. And then by and by the mind goes on – far away, far away, far away. Then still it goes on chattering but you know that somewhere far away, near a star it is chattering; you cannot even make sense out of it, what it is saying. And this distance goes on and on and on, and one day suddenly you cannot find where the mind has gone.

This silence is qualitatively different from a silence that you can practice. The real silence comes spontaneously, it is not something to be practiced. If you practice it you can create a false silence. The mind is so tricky, it can give you a false notion of silence – and that too will belong to the mind. So don’t try hard to still it. Rather, stand aside, by the side of the road, and let the traffic pass.
Just watch it, just look at it with eyes of unconcern, indifference, and the thing that you have been desiring will happen – but not through desire. Because desire will not allow you to be indifferent.
Buddha has used a word upeksha; the word means absolute indifference. And he says that you can never become meditative unless you have attained to upeksha, to indifference. That is the very soil. In that soil the seeds of meditation sprout – and there is no other way.” Osho, Tao: The Three Treasures, Volume 1, chapter 8