Workshop Segment Five


The second part of laying the foundations.


In this segment we will engage with aspects of laying the foundations concerned with embodiment, both from the Taoist inner alchemy perspective and from the Human Design perspective.


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Here we are concerned with refining ming. Refining ming means that we restore the capacity of form, or the human organism, to be steady and undisturbed in its ability to host refined consciousness.


Whether in a conscious or an unconscious state each of us lives an intimate relationship between our form and our consciousness. If we are in an unconscious state our physical body will struggle to be healthy. If we have health issues it will be more difficult to develop our consciousness. In the stage of laying the foundations we can engage with how our physical bodies function in relation to essence, breath, and spirit. This involves becoming informed and aware of how breath moves through the eight extraordinary vessels and of the role that the lower, middle, and upper cinnabar or yin fields play in the transformation of essence, breath, and spirit. We will in addition examine the role that the movement of breath in a circuit upwards along the control vessel in the back of the body and downwards along the function vessel in the front of the body plays in the transformation of essence, breath, and spirit.


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From a Human Design perspective each of us can engage with a specific nutritional style that will over time cultivate development of the physical body so that it acquires enough strength and integrity to support the development of our consciousness. Each of us can also understand from a Human Design perspective the kind of environment that is correct for supporting and sustaining our physical bodies as we develop in consciousness.