Workshop Segment Eight

Refining Spirit to Return to Emptiness.


In this segment we will address refining spirit to return to emptiness, and from the Human Design perspective we will address the fine detail from Human Design that accounts for the many unique characteristics that account for how our consciousness is configured.


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On entering the third stage of the alchemical process, essence, breath, and spirit have together become spirit as it is in its postcelestial state, and the same spirit permeates and flows in the lower, middle, and upper cinnabar fields. This means that spirit is full but still impulsively active without one's conscious presence in the activity. This is experienced as an alive intelligent awareness that is busy with perception, insight, and understanding and is needing to be refined so that spirit in the upper cinnabar field becomes a relaxed and aware mirror-like intelligence. This alchemical process engages with refining postcelestial spirit so that thought comes to rest and is available to arise spontaneously in the functioning of true understanding. This is the nature of precelestial spirit. During this alchemical process the yang barrier at the back of the head where the skull sits on the spine opens and it becomes possible for spirit to relax and return through the opening, the mysterious female, and become one with the precelestial spirit of Tao.

At this stage in the developmental process xing and ming for the most part function in harmony. In Human Design terms this is described as passenger consciousness riding in a vehicle or form that functions correctly and navigates us through the true life we are here to live. The not-self is largely resolved in the sense that we have disidentified with the postcelestial mind that insisted on being the director of one's life, and instead we live in the fulfilment of the signature of our type, living out the maturity of our individual incarnation cross.

The next level of self understanding made available through Human Design is to look at the most subtle patterns of imprinting of each individual. Taoist Inner Alchemy works with the idea that each individual, through a developmental journey, returns to living their absolute uniqueness in the emptiness of Tao. The Human Design studies of the Primary Health System and Rave Psychology show us the detailed understanding of this uniqueness. The Primary Health System, in addition to enabling the nutrition and environment attunements already put into practice in segment five, offers fine detailed attunement to unique aspects of one's precelestial Ming. Rave Psychology, in addition to enabling clarification of the precelestial ways to correctly see into one's environment and to correctly move forward in one's life, as was addressed in segments six and seven, also offers fine detailed attunement to unique aspects of one's precelestial Xing.

In Ra Uru Hu's words:-

The great revolution that is in Human Design through Primary Health System, through Rave Psychology is the understanding of Tone. This is what brings to light all of the dilemmas that are there and at the same time give you a differentiated individuated map so that you can have the correct transformation, that you can have the signposts you need. I love signposts. A signpost is that you're in a process and you need something that tells you you're doing okay. When you begin to understand what is there in you in terms of what's possible for you in transformation and when you experience it yourself, this is an extraordinary awakening. This is what this process is about.

Once the heavy lifting of getting free of conditioning is complete, there is then the refinement of spirit returning to emptiness. In this emptiness is the flowering of the unique individual.