Obsidian Essence – How to wait and see while the lotus grows.


Spiritual practise inevitably involves containment of unconscious impulses. In Taoist alchemy it is called guarding the mysterious female. In Zen it is the meditative practise of stopping and seeing whether on or off the cushion. In Human Design it is following your strategy and authority.

How do we grow “by ourselves?” What actually happens and what are the necessary conditions for alchemy to be fruitful? What role does Human Design play in this?

This workshop will take place at Dharma Corfu on Tuesday May 30th. Practical details here.


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You always say wait and see. Wait, I can understand. But how to see?

You need not worry about that. You simply wait and seeing will come to you. No need to
worry about it. Waiting gives you insight. When I say “Wait and see,” I don’t mean that you have to
do both. I simply mean wait and you will see. In fact, wait and seeing will come to you.” Osho, Tao: The Three Treasures, Volume one, Chapter four.