Workshop Segment Seven

Refining Breath to Transmute it into Spirit.


In this segment we will address refining breath to transmute it into spirit, and from the Human Design perspective we will address unhooking from habitual patterns of understanding reality that keep us engaged with conditioned characteristics.


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On entering the second stage of this alchemical process essence and breath have together become breath as it is in its postcelestial state, and the same breath permeates and flows in both the lower and the middle cinnabar fields. This means that vital energy, breath, is impulsively active without one's conscious presence in the activity. This is experienced as feelings and moods actively moving and needing to be refined so that vitality in the middle cinnabar field is full and consciously available in a relaxed stillness. This alchemical process engages with refining postcelestial breath so that moods and feelings come to rest in a sensitivity for feeling that no longer propels one towards more and more as yet unexplored feelings and rest again in the nature of precelestial breath. During this alchemical process the yang barrier behind the chest opens and spirit is released and rises to nourish and merge with the postcelestial spirit in the upper cinnabar field.

In our postcelestial reality we also find ourselves living out a habit of moving in life through a particular filter. The characteristics of this filter are set down at birth. There are altogether six possible pairs of filters and each of the six polarise with one other of the six. When we have enough awareness to track our habitual pattern of moving in life though one specific filter we are able to release the grasp of this habitual movement and drop over to the healthier pattern of movement found at the other polarity. This is another extended process of freeing ourselves from a habitual pattern of living that underpins reversing out of the postcelestial condition of consciousness and enables another significant part of the return to precelestial consciousness.