The truth that is to be conveyed when speaking about Tao is hidden, and is not easily grasped. In Western cultures it is assumed that reality can be first explained, and then understood or grasped. This is not the case however when writing about Tao. The writing is at once metaphorical and also grounded in the hidden truth. The words and ideas are doorways into the yet to be known. The language is destabilizing to already established habits of thought. The writing simultaneously provides a taste of the unknown and a frustration of the expectation to know more. The truth that slowly emerges is beyond saying and thinking. One has to be prepared to embrace confusion as a healthy sign of progress in the journey of inverting the course, while tolerating the arising of habitual impulses to continue going with the course.


The breakthrough that the Human Design System realizes is to bring mechanical or logical coherence into our understanding of how the field of consciousness operates in mundane incarnate reality. In the words of Ra Uru Hu:-




Human Design takes an enormously deep spiritual concept and just turns it into simple mechanics because that‘s what the mechanics reveal. You have to surrender, give up your mind being your authority. There is no other way. And begin to trust in what is the power that is inherent in your design. Without Strategy and Authority you can‘t be aligned. You‘re not going to make decisions correctly, you don‘t have access to the cognition you need, and the sensory potential that is inherent in you. You don‘t have any of that. You‘re just another fool; lemmings, actually. So I know you will find transformation interesting. But please beware; these steps are only for those who are willing to go there alone, regardless of the consequences, because it‘s the only thing that‘s ever going to matter for you.


The mechanics referred to here enable us to become aligned in Tao and to come home to our unique flowering there. The perspective of the Obsidian Essence approach is to see the mechanics of Human Design through the eyes of Taoist Inner Alchemy, and to understanding the mechanics according to a perspective of development that adheres to inverting the course.


The content of this website and the journey travelled in engaging with Obsidian Essence work will give rise to questions that need clarification. In the section below you will find responses to significant questions that have arisen when people have engaged with the content of the website and with the process itself. You are welcome to send such questions by email, or through Facebook or Twitter, and those that promise to illuminate and enhance what has already been written here will be responded to below.