Learning Human Design


Human Design understanding and Taoist Inner Alchemy play central roles in Obsidian Essence work. Understanding one's nature and one's transformational experience through an understanding of one's personal Human Design is key to the journey.


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The basic understanding necessary for the journey will be provided in the workshops. Each participant will be provided, during the first workshop segment, Overview and introduction for the Obsidian Essence approach to spiritual development, with a basic introduction to how their Human Design will play out in their own developmental journey. After completing this workshop each participant should contact a Human Design Analyst to get a foundation reading.


The International Human Design School provides a list of certified Human Design analysts.


Obsidian Essence, in focusing also on Taoist Inner Alchemy and the journey of inverting the course, presents a new perspective on how to engage in transformation within the Human Design perspective. Kumud Kabir, with her comprehensive understanding of Ra Uru Hu's teachings, can take fifty percent of the credit for the creation of the Obsidian Essence approach. Rina Janssen, by her participation in the day to day living of the Human Design experiment and our close collaboration as she went through the steps of becoming a Human Design analyst, has contributed immensely to the creation of the Obsidian Essence approach. Kumud and Rina have both engaged with the Obsidian Essence approach.

Where participants are interested in going further into the vast Human Design teaching as they follow the Obsidian Essence journey, we are available to offer further support and teaching.