Hugh Evans aka Yogananda


I grew up in Dublin in the 1960’s, studied electrical engineering at University College Dublin, and pursued a career as a software developer in the field of Information Technology.


In 2001 I obtained a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology and Social Transformation with a Concentration in Human and Organizational Transformation from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. While attending the California Institute of Integral Studies I became interested in the work of Gregory Bateson, anthropologist, philosopher, biologist and system theorist, and this led to a growing interest in human ways of understanding, including epistemology, philosophy, language, and culture.


I have been a disciple of the mystic Osho and a student of psychospiritual development in the Diamond Logos teaching of Faisal Muqaddam. From 2006 until 2012 I taught the Diamond Logos work and for a period offered teacher training in this work.


Since 1994 I have had a deep interest in the Human Design system, and I have had a long standing collaboration with Kumud Kabir in understanding how to engage in personal spiritual development in a way that synthesises the viewpoints of traditional spiritual development and the Human Design system.

During the time we were blessed to have Rina Janssen with us, Rina studied and became licensed as an accredited Human Design Analyst.

Kumud, Rina, and I explored together over many years how we can become more conscious and enhance our spiritual development through living according to how we understand ourselves through insights gained from the Human Design System.

I live near Ballingeary in West Cork. Outside of spiritual development my work also focuses on understanding and cultivating the relationship between mind and experience, and the transformational potential arising from such an understanding.


My story of the development of Obsidian Essence is available online from Osho News.