Workshop Segment Four


The first part of laying the foundations.


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Laying the foundations is the beginning of the practise of Taoist inner alchemy. In this segment we will engage with the consciousness aspects of laying the foundations both from the Taoist inner alchemy perspective and from the Human Design perspective. In the second part of laying the foundations we will look at aspects of embodiment relating to laying the foundations, again both from the perspective of Taoist inner alchemy and from the Human Design perspective.


In the language of Taoist inner alchemy, the alchemy is concerned with refining the gross aspect of xing, the consciousness aspect of our incarnate selves, into the resolved or pure aspect of xing, and with refining the gross aspect of ming, the form or body aspect of our incarnate selves, into the resolved or pure aspect of ming. The gross aspect of xing is represented by the trigram Li , Yang encompassing Yin. The refined aspect of xing is represented by the trigram Qian , pure Yang. The gross aspect of ming is represented by the trigram Kan , Yin encompassing Yang. The refined aspect of Ming is represented by the trigram Kun , pure Yin. When the seed of Yang within Kan is liberated it enables Qian to be realised. When the seed of Yin within Li is liberated it enables Kun to be realised.


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In Human Design terms, the gross state of consciousness is seen to be the absence of a centered and calm relationship to instinctual, emotional, and intellectual behaviour, a situation where the mind is used to manage unrefined aspects of ourselves. The practise of strategy and authority brings calmness, refinement and clarity, freeing the consciousness from the grips of the mind absorbed in the task of keeping everything together, returning to a refined state of consciousness where the body lives life through its own intelligence, and the mind relaxes into a state of pure awareness and natural insightfulness.


We need to refine xing and ming. Refining xing means we restore our capacity for clarity, awareness and insight. Refining ming means that we restore the capacity of form, or the human organism, to be strong, steady, and undisturbed in its ability to host refined consciousness.


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These are the steps we will take in this segment where we are concerned with refining xing.


  1. We will address together inverting the course and attending to the opening, along with Human Design type, aura, strategy and authority.

  2. We will address Taoist inner alchemy's understanding of essence, breath, and spirit, and how they relate to the configuration of our Human Design imprinting.
  3. We will address the understanding of the processes of harmonizing and refining in Taoist inner alchemy and look at a Human Design understanding of our imprinting. This differentiation enables us to to see what is real, what is false, how the real aspects of ourselves become integrated in one great synthesis giving us authority to share our unique contribution to life, and how resolving the false aspects of ourselves generates wisdom we can share with others about unconsciousness.